MA Archive works in the intersection between theater, choir and sound installation and creates modern choral works based on documents from reality.

Director Liv Helm & composer Matilde Böcher collect text via interviews, documents, letters etc. They research stories about people with an alternative perspective on institutions, labour, society and the world as such. Their works are archives of testimonies and documents translated into drama, poetry and choir.

'Ma' is the Japanese word for interval. The space and time between two points. The silence and stagnation until something new happens is an inspiration in MA Archive’s works. They are looking for openings and disturbances in the material, in order to hear the things unsaid.

Liv Helm is a director educated at The Danish National School of Performing Arts. She has a background studying sociology at the university and combines research methods with theatrical realisations.

Matilde Böcher is a composer and sound artist educated at The Rhythmic Music Conservatory and Malmö Art Academy. She works with different media such as installation, performance, theatre and video. Part of the electronic duo FAE.


Contact Ma Archive: maarchive.contact@gmail.com

Visit our individual work at  www.livhelm.dk and www.matildeböcher.com