Science has come a long way with synthetic biology – longer than most of us imagine possible. Scientists have found a method to create egg and sperm cells from stem cells enabling a person to create a child with him/herself. With the method CRISPR you can edit and remove unwanted genes. It sounds like sci-fi but is actually possible. The question is when we will begin using the methods? And what great possibilities and consequences they can have?

Stage director Liv Helm and composer Mathilde Böcher have immersed themselves in scientific research and created this sci-fi documentary about a near future where we will create fantastic children using synthetic biology. It is the story about a woman who wants all the best for humankind and for her child and who is willing to use science and “play God” to get there. To change genetic material can be looked upon as both God contempting pride as well as a rational, sensible choice. 

Music and sound is composed with real recordings from a birth.

“The young and award winning director Liv Helm makes a great story rise, in an inriching corporation with her college, the composer Matilde Böcher. 

“a monologue combined with beautiful scenarios in light and sound and with interrubtions, where the whole stage is wrapped in fog, like if we all where up in the cloud, where science has replaced God and presents the formulas for live.”
Frederiksborg Amtsavis

“The sound is really impressive and intense.”
Den 4.væg

Concept: Matilde Böcher og Liv Helm Manuscript og director: Liv Helm Composition: Matilde Böcher Starring: Sofia Mehlum and Frihavnskirken børne- og juniorkor Singer and voice: Emilie Bendix Sound design: Ida Jacobsen Light design: Mads Nielsen Stage manager: Pernille Kabell