★★★★  “Unbelievable sculpturally beauty. An evocative meeting between silence, twilight, everyday speech and modern music”
Århus Stiftstidende


Closing Hour is a sound performance based on recordings in AROS Aarhus Art Museum after closing hour.  

The audience is taken on a contemplative journey starting with sounds and voices in a montage on headphones. Followed by a new composed classic choir performed live.

In this choral work MA Archive worked with the movement from silence to spherical music with Jysk Academic Choir interpreting interviews with museum staff.  



Starring: Employees of AROS & Jysk Academic Choir
Conductor: Niels Bo Emgren
Sound design: Ida Jacobsen
Composer: Matilde Böcher
Director: Liv Helm
Photos: Troels Engelbrecht

Special thanks to Connie & Roine

Produced by Aarhus Teater performed at AROS Aarhus Art Museum October 2015.