Messias I NAt

(Messiah Tonight)


Messias I Nat

Messias i Nat is a new-written choral work based on Händels masterpiece Messiah.  Messias I Nat is in dialog with the original Messiah and its chanting message of a savior´s arrival. It asks where the salvation is today? Messias i Nat is performed by four Classic Singers and a choir.  

Den 4 væg ★★★★ (Line Kirsten Nikolajsen): “Their voices make me forget how little there is actually happening in the room. I lose myself in their beautiful sound and for a long time i only hear the voices and and the poetic text they sing.” (…) “Hurry up if you want to hear a really beautiful and current reinterpretation of Handel's masterpiece”

Frederiksborg amtsavis ★★★★★ (Knud Cornelius): “Alexandra Molkte Johansen follows Händels Oratorio in her libretto, although the conclusions are twisted, Matilde Böcher has with great success written her modern musical oratorio, and Liv Helm has boldly exposed text and music, so it is "ordinary people" who rise up and sing. You can’t avoid being taken by this piece. Just like you are taken by the old "Messiah"."

Ungt Teaterblod (Emil Samaras Eriksen) ★★★★: “You feel like part of something bigger when you leave the Husets Teater. It is an hour of thoughtfulness in a (Christmas) stressed everyday life. Halleluja!"

Kulturkupeen ★★★★★ (Ulla Strømberg)

Peripeti (Stine Rosengren):  "The music is a fragment of Handel's impressive work in three parts. Handel was adept to "borrow" themes from other composers, as did he with Messiah. He found stones and polished them until they became diamonds. The same goes for the composer Matilde Böcher with Messias in Nat. She borrows Handel's music, break it to pieces, collects it in a mosaic with new sound colors, new rhythms, new bitter sweet outbursts. It is godly, it is provocatively dissonant and full of contrasts. It's the wrong side of an art piece. Right up in your face - raw and brilliant.“

Jyllandsposten ★★★★ (Christina Christiansen): ”Four virtuoso soloists lift with impressive talent the new-written work, with a small, skillful choir as crisp backing.”

Politiken ★★★★ (Monna Dithmer): “Bare and intrusive the song unfolds in the room without anything but the tuning forks, the soloist’s hold against their bodies. Instead of the Christian cross we here get something that vibrate the sound of human.“

Sceneblog (Henrik Ohsten Rasmussen): “Ma Archive (director Liv Helm and composer Matilde Böcher) have just hit the nerve needed to legitimize the rebellion against Handel's Messiah, and together with playwright Alexandra Moltke Johansen's beautiful parallel orator, they have created an opera work that deserves a long life.”

Gregers ★★★★★ (Gregers Dirckinck-Holmfeld): “we have previously seen THESE two, Matilde Böcher and Liv Helm, solve tasks together. With astonishing results (...) NOW they reach far and boldly with their radical reinterpretation of an almost immovable pillar of the musical shrine.”

Concept: Ma Archive and Alexandra Molkte Johansen. Libretto: Alexandra Molkte Johansen. Compositions: Matilde Böcher. Staging: Liv Helm. Classic singers: MORTEN GROVE FRANDSEN, CHRISTIAN DAMSGAARD, KATINKA FOGH VINDELEV and STEFFEN BRUUN and a choir lead by JULIE SMED.

A coproduction with Husets Teater. Performed at Husets Teater, Mariakirken Vesterbro and Virum Kirke.