★★★★★  “Oppressively, breathless and humorous demonstration of, what stress does to you”  
Fyns Stiftstidende

★★★★★ “Fascinating nightmare-tale, like if we were inside these people's mind, in a world full of empty buzzwords such as
win-win situation, 
efficiancy and teams"  
- Jyllandsposten

“Sensual and thought-provoking theater about a current sociological problem” 
-  Tidsskriftet Peripeti


Overload is a new-written choral work by MA Archive, staged by 61 speakers and 3 performers. 

Overload is based on interviews with residents from Odense who are afflicted by stress. Their stories portrays a labour market where an increasing number of people collapse with big human and social-economic costs. 

Director Liv Helm and composer Matilde Böcher have made a montage of texts, choir and expressive physical body using the testimonies to bring forward the conditions of stress and contemporary social critique. 

Overload was nominated for the Special Jury Prize at the annual Danish theatre award show Reumert 2015.

Produced by and premiered at Odense Teater 2014. 
Performed at HAUT in Copenhagen and Aarhus Teater 2016.

Ensemble: Sofia Saaby Mehlum, Mikkel Bay Mortensen og Peder Holm Johansen
Script and directions: Liv Helm
Composer: Matilde Böcher
Sound design: Ida Jacobsen & Anders Amdisen
Light design: Kim Littau
Dramaturgie: Mathias Rosenkrands Bech
Sound engineer: Simon Twisttmann Jørgensen
Photos: Jesper Skovlund