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- Based on Maria Gerhardts novel.

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“Transfervindue take us to a land, wich only the dying have visited in a great achivement by Eventministeriet. Christine Albeck Børges preformence leave us with that feeling you have when death comes too soon - and a great deal to think about while you are still alive. 

★★★★★ Out & About


"Actress Christine Børge lets her eyes speak the language of helplessness,  anxiety and a drowning hope. That kind of quivering intensity on a stage is rarely seen, such a generosity of presence."

★★★★★ Kristeligt Dagblad, september 2017


In regards to the acting this Transfervindue is an achievement quit rare. The actress transforms herself from living to death, but her pupils contenue twinkling - and guide us along the way. From darkness to light.  



Its a powerfull experiens. Christine Albeck Børge grabs us by the throat with her monolog.

★★★★ GregersDH


Maria is terminal cancer patient, she is in a hospice, her legs is nerve damaged, she suffer from dizziness, vomiting, anxiety, weeping and tremors. The side effects from the chemotherapy takes her body into an everlasting state of emergency.

From a balcony she can watch the healthy people outside the hospice. It is strange to see how busy they think they are. There is a double fence around the hospice, the healthy can't bear to deal with the sickness and their bad conscience towards the sick people. Big german shepherds makes sure nobody cross the line between the two worlds. But Maria jumps the fence, the dogs bite her but she doesn't feel it. She got to go home to her woman and her child one last time. 

Transfervindue is a breathtaking monolog, followed by a constant pumping musicscore, staged as a poetic choreography.


Stage director: Liv Helm - Actress: Christine Albeck Børge - Composer: Matilde Böcher - Sound designer: Rasmus Kreiner - Light designer: Elizabeth Dyhr - Costume: Anne Sofie Bruun - Stage manager: Birthe D. Knudsen Producer: Rikke Hedeager.

Music Credits: Kate Bush Running up that hill Lauri Anderson Night in Bagdad Q lazzarus Godbye Horses Soulwax Theme From Discotheque Murcof Mes Wechsel Garland & World Standard Solitude Sea Berlin Take my breath away.